Why Red Wiggler Worms?

Why Red Wiggler Worms?

Red worms (AKA red wigglers, or Eisenia foetida) are the backbone of every vermicomposting (worm composting) project. These eating machines constantly chow down on biological waste and convert that waste into rich, nutritious vermicompost, more commonly known as worm castings. These composting worms spend all day and night in their worm composting bin working to produce this vermicompost. They eat up to their body weight every day and you don’t even have to pay them! Eating and excreting is what they do best.

Vermicompost Is The Best Compost

Coveted by gardeners around the globe, worm castings are an organic fertilizer alternative. They have many beneficial properties that help plants grow big and strong. Most importantly, worm compost has been shown to be much richer in nutrients than traditionally produced compost (Source at bottom of page), and it takes much less work to make!

Besides the increased concentrations of Nitrogen, Phosphates, Potash, and other plant nutrients, vermicompost also provides value to your garden by improving the water retention, aeration, and drainage of the soil, and offering your plants added protection from dangerous pathogens. Worm castings come complete with a massive population of beneficial microorgnisms.

Because of all of these benefits, worm castings are pretty much guaranteed to grow your plants larger and with more vitality than ever before. They will increase the yields of your fruit and veggie plants, and ensure your garden is as beautiful as it can be.

Red wigglers and the castings they produce can be used in a wide variety of applications. Of course, most of our customers keep their red worms in a worm composting bin to produce vermicompost. However, you can also add your red wigglers directly to your garden / flower pot / planter / etc. They will constantly be producing nutritious worm castings for the plants to absorb while also digging tunnels through the soil that allow water and air better access to plant roots. Other customers simply use our red wigglers for fishing bait or as a tasty snack for their exotic pet.

Everybody Can Use Some Worms!

Worm castings are used by all sorts of people for their beneficial gardening properties. Hobby gardeners, homesteaders, farmers, and everyone in between love the effects worm castings have on their crops.

Article by Donny B

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