Cat Poop in My Worm Bin

cat poop in my worm bin

I gotta say, cats get a bad rap.  

Is it because of the fierce claws and fangs, their aloof nature and scary hiss, or maybe just because they eat stinky food?  Either way, we’ve got to admit, the fact that they can be trained to do their business in a litter box is a point in their favor!  

So what about that litter box full of poop?  Can the contents be upcycled into useful feed for hungry compost worms?  

The answer is a definite no.  

Cats are strictly considered to be carnivorous- they need meat to survive.  And since we know that what goes in also comes out, we consider cat scat to be full of animal protein and therefore a no-no for the worm bin.

If you were wondering, even after the poop has been scooped, that litter may very well contain toxic ammonia from urine as well as other fecal remains.  Please pass on using used kitty litter for bedding in the worm bin.

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