Horse Poop in My Worm Bin

horse poop in my worm bin

Considered by many to be the very best in garden fertilizer, horse manure and compost worms go hand-in-hand.  In fact, multitudes of red wigglers are often found thriving in piles of composting horse manure.

But, before you run out and dump a load of horse manure onto your worms, keep in mind that it first needs to be aged or hot composted (130 – 150 degrees F) to kill off any seeds, harmful bacteria, or remaining deworming agent the horse may have ingested.  

Though there is no set standard for how long horse manure must age, you can tell when it is finished once any manure smell is undetectable and what you have looks like soil.  Generally, this takes up to 2 to 3 months depending on conditions.

Finished horse manure can be used as both bedding and feed.  It’s a win-win in the worm bin!

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