Meet The Squirm Firm

Where once the natural world sang in simple harmony, it is now out of tune.  Where food was once nutritious and grown in safe soils, there are now toxins that leave us sick and wondering what’s gone wrong and what can be done?

With peaceful resistance, The Squirm Firm puts the power back in the hands of the people by enabling anybody to set up, maintain, and grow worm composting projects that will each help to combat our crippled food supply, and promote the healing of a most important resource, our soil.

Raised in the rural landscape of the resource-rich northeast, it was easy for our founder, Bob to see what was coming as “big business” pushed its unnatural influence right into our food supply.   As a young boy scout, he grew up learning to  “help other people at all times, keep (himself) physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight.”  He attained the rank of Eagle Scout and set his mind to maintaining these standards at any cost and continues to live, work, and play according to this very code.

From Starting Small to Standing Tall

By the time he was old enough to vote, Bob declared independence from polluted food sources and began to grow his own.  Unfortunately, fertilizer for his veggies was an expense he couldn’t afford.  He needed to find a way to do it on the cheap.  

After searching high and low for the perfect answer, Bob found the single best, free and easy method.  It took chasing an idea he’d only heard of, along with months of trial and error, to reveal what would soon change his life.  He’d discovered that he could raise red wiggler compost worms who would both consume kitchen waste and create natural organic fertilizer for his plants.

The Man with the Plan(ts)

It worked so well that Bob became passionate about the benefits vermicomposting could bring to the world. Unfortunately, no one else seemed to know much about it.  Expert worm composters were few and far between.  The tips and advice he did find were contradictory and inconsistent.

So, Bob began to document his experience and eventually mastered the craft of worm composting.  It was a struggle at first, but he was motivated by how well the process was able to reduce waste while producing a product that deeply nourished his plants.  

The Vision Revealed

With so little information available on the topic of worm composting, Bob saw a need to fill the void and give people what they were missing out on.  

Thus, in May of 2013, The Squirm Firm was born and Bob’s solo mission was launched.

The mission is to provide a simple way for others to do their part: empowering worm farmers everywhere with the resources they need to set up, maintain, and grow their worm composting projects.  

The Squirm Firm’s Mission

“Empower worm farmers everywhere with the resources they need to set-up, maintain, and grow their worm composting projects.”

Bob’s vision has evolved over the years to include a team who has a deep passion for spreading the positive impacts of vermicomposting and supports The Squirm Firm in its mission. It’s all been for people like you who have collectively helped to divert thousands of pounds of yard and kitchen waste away from landfills to be transformed into rich worm compost!

Who We Are

These days, The Squirm Firm is a diverse and crunchy bunch who shares years of practice and experience to bring new and fresh life into the world of vermicomposting. We are worm farmers like you, making the world a better place by helping to reduce what the EPA reports to be the 31% (133 billion pounds) of our overall food supply that is wasted each year.   

We’re your online blog resource for reliable access to information and insight into vermicomposting.

Going Green Together from the Ground Up

But we couldn’t do it without you.  Your part is essential in creating a healthy world.  Together we can give back to future generations rather than strip away.  Our efforts will preserve and sustain our natural resources through recycling, upcycling, and restoration.   

With a global following, we educate and equip worm farmers from all walks of life so they can have a more positive impact in each of their local communities.  So no matter which corner of the earth you hail from, our monthly newsletter, Facebook page and Twitter will have you in the loop; you’re just a tap away.  

The Squirm Firm’s website is your one-stop-shop for the essential education composting supplies, and support to get you well on your way to becoming a worm farming expert! We even ship red wiggler composting worms, bins, and accessories to any location in the continental U.S. with the assurance of a live worm guarantee.  

We like to do the dirty work so that you aren’t left with the frustration of having to navigate worm composting on your own.

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