9 Ways Worm Composting Saves You Money

9 Ways Worm Composting Saves You Money

They say motivation is key, right? And to that, they say, money talks. So today, I want to show you why taking up worm composting might be your next smart-budgeting strategy.

The way I see it, raising worms is a tiny investment that becomes a buffer for your bank account. You may not get rich doing it, but add up your savings over time and you’ll find worm composting to be valuable indeed. Let me show you how.

1. Free Live Bait

Those who fish know that fresh bait is the best bait. Why pay for it? When you raise red wigglers, you have your choice of the biggest and best of the herd any time you like.

2. Free Premium Fertilizer

Worm compost is #1 when it comes to quality among soil amendments. It is the all-around best for its ability to enrich soil and invigorate plants. For a little more than the cost of a single bag of all-purpose fertilizer, you can have vermicompost, for life!

3. Fewer Trash Bags

The average family tosses nearly 33 pounds of food away each month! Does your family fall close to the average?

All that wasted food takes up a great deal of volume. The same goes for all those non-biodegradable plastic trash bags the food goes in. But divert that food out of the waste stream. And the extra trash bags. Then take out the pounds of paper you can upcycle through your worms.

Just like that, your volume of waste is greatly reduced. Your worm herd is fed, and soil amendments are being made. Fewer garbage bags are purchased and a handful more dollars pad your wallet. Ka-ching!

4. Savings on Irrigation

Worm compost products in your garden grow more resilient and tolerant plants. Healthier roots and stems access deep water and hold on to moisture longer. Improved soil structure allows water to be easily absorbed, retained, and drained. Less need for irrigation keep your water bill from rising like the summer heat.

5. Fine Dining for Pennies

The Farm to Table movement would be nothing without the hard working creatures of the soil below. Where they are, healthy things often grow above. And if that good thing is something you can eat, well then, you’re halfway to gourmet already!

Nothing is better than produce picked and eaten at its prime. Grow it in your garden so you don’t need to buy it to enjoy it. Simple cooking techniques are all it takes to enhance the natural goodness of homegrown fruits and vegetables.

Learn to eat them raw or lightly cooked, and you will improve the health of your body as well as your wallet. An apple a day keeps the doctor away… doctors are pretty expensive too.

6. Keep the Doctor Away!

Might as well add health care costs to the savings list. Unfortunately, confirmed cases of cancer linked to fertilizers are rising. All natural vermicompost fertilizer is safe for humans, pets, plants, and other creatures.

7. The Luxury of Time

When it comes down to it, your most valued possession is your time. And time is money, right? We all seem to want more time and less work, for more money. Well, in the little economy of the home, composting worms can save you time, work, and money!

Enjoying the fruits of a well-maintained worm composting system cuts time shopping, watering, and keeping up with yard work.

8. Forget Fossil Fuels

Less need for grocery store essentials means:

  • Less gas used for transportation
  • Fewer greenhouse emissions released
  • Less time spent sitting in traffic

9. Long-Range Land Fill Impact

The last way worm composting saves money impacts not only us, but our children, and theirs after them. The actual cost of our garbage problem is nearly immeasurable. It’s seen in vast islands of trash in the ocean and mountains of waste hiding the earth beneath.

Using compost worms is an effective way to drastically reduce the amount of trash that is polluting our planet. Healing needs to come from every angle, and worms have got our foundations covered!

Start Saving Money

Join the worm composting movement! Save some money while you’re at it! Raising compost worms is easy to get started. You can even do it for free with a few household items and a little bit of elbow grease. Ready to save some cash? Check out Getting Started for a step by step tutorial on putting together your first money-saving worm bin. And if all you’re waiting on is your first set of red wiggler composting worms, we can have them shipped in no time!

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