Tips on How to Grow Your Own Worm Compost Victory Garden

Tips on How to Grow Your Own Worm Compost Victory Garden

If these unprecedented days have you longing for connection and impact, I know how you feel. I offer solidarity, distraction, and a virtual hug, but I also have some practical advice.

If you’re feeling that kinda lost and aimless thing, just look out your window. Expand your quarantine quarters to include your own version of a Victory Garden this season, and bring along those worms!

Worm Composting Fun… All Quarantine Long

The world, as we know, is in the midst of a strange and revealing transformation. 2020, the year the “new normal” began. I’m not sure what we’re headed for, but I do know our worms just became even more valuable. 

Are you the kind of person who likes to eat each day? Every day?! I’m kidding, of course, you do. But for many of us, finding fresh food is becoming a valid concern. Empty grocery store shelves tell of virus-crippled farmers, suppliers, and producers everywhere.

That’s why now is an especially important time to start with the worm compost Victory Garden tips we have for you. The garden part is great, but it’s the worm compost that brings on the greatest victories. It changes everything.

Yes, You’re Able, Farm to Table

Schools have moved to an e-learning platform, and work has found its way onto Zoom. We color our own hair instead of getting it done, and sew handmade face masks in our free time. And though we anticipate the eventual return of “normal”, we can’t wait that long for food.

Now, this struggle is real. I’m confident that this won’t last forever. But so far, it’s been devastating. It turns out, eating is ESSENTIAL.

Well, they say desperate times call for desperate measures. Drumroll, please… I’d like to introduce you to the new and improved, worm-compost-powered 2020 Coronavirus Victory Garden!

Historically known as War Gardens, or Food Gardens for Defense, in times past, Victory Gardens have been grown not only to supplement government rations but also to boost morale. The idea being that home gardeners are empowered and rewarded by their ability to yield a fruitful harvest during hard times.

Yes, You Can!

Today’s worm compost Victory Gardens have a similar objective. They allow families to provide for themselves while reducing strain on the nation’s food supply. They also do a fair amount to reduce the emotional stress of difficult times, beautify the landscape, and protect the environment.

Compost Worms Wage War

So many of you, and of our loved ones, are on the front lines battling for our freedom from illness. They’re in hospitals, restaurants, grocery stores, and more. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

But a new unmasked warrior is also on the rise. Around the globe, eco-wise men and women are perfectly poised to take this battle back. Their weapons of choice: red wiggler compost worms, a shovel, and some seeds.

Eisenia fetida is a powerful compost worm that boosts far more than morale in the garden. Their nutrient-rich casts (manure) make a safe and versatile fertilizer used throughout the growing season.

Worm compost drastically improves plants’ strength and resilience- qualities we can really appreciate right now. It takes a regular garden and turns it into the Ultimate Victory Garden.

These are just some of the many ways natural “black gold” brings victory to your garden:

The Worm Compost Effect

“Growing” your own worm compost creates a unique advantage for today’s novel victory gardener. Practically speaking, farming with compost worms takes care of waste management and so much more, like:

  • Restoring eco-balance to your landscape
  • Source of never-ending free fertilizer
  • A boost for non-native plants
  • Greatest yield and color from ornamentals, fruits, and vegetables
  • Reduced need for watering
  • Looser soil, which reduces the need for physical labor
  • Benefits the population by eliminating the need to deal with pests

So it makes sense that to defeat our common enemy, this novel coronavirus, we’d grow a novel Victory Garden with worms at the helm, why not? After all, “The meek shall inherit the earth.”

The Victory Garden Effect

Growing your own food garden creates an advantage for the entire planet. Co-farming that Victory Garden with compost worms does even more. It restores eco-balance, awakens our own curiosities, and results in incredibly vigorous garden growth.

Food rationing and even medication shortages are less of a concern when you still eat nutrient-dense foods and live an active lifestyle. With beautiful, bountiful gardens to pull from, homegrown fruits and vegetables are an excellent source of the nutrients and antioxidants we need to get through this.

Following these worm compost Victory Garden tips is a powerful way to do something meaningful today, tomorrow, and throughout your shelter-in-place adventure!

Need more inspiration? Check out this Victory Garden plan for a family of five. Look online for endless design options and gardening suggestions for your planting zone.

What’s Next?

Raising worms requires a starter bunch of worms and a place for them to live. The rest comes from what you have at home and outside. It’s so easy!

But of course, there’s more! Compost worms are fun to learn to care for. Children and adults alike are excited to explore the world of these underground miracle-workers.

If you want to learn more, take advantage of our free monthly resource. Sign up for The Squirm Firm newsletter. There, we share worm composting tips and guide members through the ins and outs of raising red wigglers.

Ready to get started? Order your first pound of worms now for fresh organic fertilizer this summer! We ship directly and share tracking information for your convenience. Or try a complete worm composting kit and be up and running your worm compost Victory Garden in no time!

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  1. I just discovered your site and signed up. I’m new to worm farming, and asked Google about banana peels. I signed up because of the clever name!

  2. I ditto Sue’s comment! I too just discovered your site through your infographic – I’m new to worm farming as well, and googled images about what they eat. I just want to tell you I love this Victory Garden article!! I tend to vacillate between having a clear sense of why I want to expand my gardening and why I bother with it all! LOL. So thank you for the reminder. Signed up for the newsletter and look forward to it.

  3. I know you’re just trying to sell worms here but this was a damn fine post! You’re a person to me now.

    “But for many of us, finding fresh food is becoming a valid concern. Empty grocery store shelves tell of virus-crippled farmers, suppliers, and producers everywhere.

    That’s why…”
    Here’s ANOTHER why The day is coming when we will be DENIED ENTRY into all supermarkets unless we wear a mask. I don’t plan to starve on that day but it will NEVER be business as usual again. I never wanted to become a gardener but I’m going to become one. “Victory Garden?” ABSOLUTELY!

    “I personally think corona virus is a scam and a hoax (“global warming 2.0”) but We should be localizing our food production for a dozen good reasons anyway including all of your cited bullet points Your post makes the brilliant point that the CV “health crisis” is ONE MORE excellent reason to do the right thing.


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